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VEC Coaching, LLC

Phone: (860)671-0674

Washington, CT 06794

Contact: Valerie English Cooper



ADHD coaching is a partnership between a trained coach and a student client who wishes to manage his/her life more effectively. Coaching is individualized and action-focused so that the student is working to build productive habits and systems leading to the fulfillment of personal goals. ADHD can affect academics, relationships, responsibilities, wellness, and transitions to college. Coaching can help in all areas of life affected by ADHD, but more importantly, coaching can help weather the storm of reaching adulthood with ADHD by building confidence through the development of more effective executive function skills. What is VEC Coaching? - A partnership between a trained coach and a young client - An approach that puts young people in the driver’s seat, empowering them to find their own solutions to problems affecting: Academics Relationships Responsibilities Personal Goals Transitions; e.g., College - A means to develop life skills and personal habits that will help students manage their lives effectively and reach personal goals independently The coaching partnership begins with a student who seeks positive change. From there, goals are identified and a plan is developed with short and long-term strategies to work toward reaching those goals. Specific action steps are defined, and modifications are made as the student learns what works best for his/her individual needs. The relationship between coach and student client is contractual: coach-monitored accountability supports progress toward a successful outcome. Coaching does not replace but can complement other effective strategies. These strategies may include individual and/or family therapy, academic support, medication, lifestyle modification (e.g., exercise, diet, sleep), and supportive friends and family.

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